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You've always wanted to try it...
NOW you have a
Kiteboarding in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Beach is the prime location for kiteboarding
lessons all year round, as well as Huguenot Park
(Huguenot Memorial Park). Our city welcomes you with
wide sandy beaches, pretty girls, excellent restaurants,
and busy night life as well.

We recommend calling us in advance to schedule your
kiteboarding lessons and join us on the beach for a
quality kiteboarding session.

We offer
gift certificates for a wide range of events:

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • graduations
  • corporate events
  • surprise parties
  • hotel/resort requests
  • tourist attraction
  • city guide coupons
  • vacation spot Things To Do
  • etc.

KGB Kiteboarding Inc. has a line of kiteboarding gear
and accessories that will satisfy demands of even the
most experienced kiteboarder.

And, of course, local riders receive special discount
rates on all new KGB gear. Please, contact us to get
10% local rider discount!
We specialize in kiteboarding,
kitesurfing, landboarding

Let us select kiteboarding gear that is
appropriate for your
body weight, size,
riding style, and local conditions.
We will set up your gear, adjust it for you,
and teach you to use it safely!
Kite self launches and landings can be
difficult for beginning kiteboarders.
This is why beginners are always welcome to
join us on the beach. This allows you to watch
others in training and lets you feel more
secure with our help readily available.
Being someone who has never surfed or wakeboarded, you made starting something fairly challenging for me in
the beginning a lot of fun to learn. Your instruction, advice and recommendations were spot on and most of all
kept me safe once I was off on my own… Thanks. Mike

Mike S. - U.S. Navy pilot.