2.5" KGB Fins

1 pair $20.00
2 pairs $35.00 ($5 Saved!)

2.5 inch 1/4 20t single hole fins offer excellent grip and board stability. Superb upwind performance in flat water or waves!

Color: Black

Injection molded fins are made in the U.S.
Over 1/4 million fins produced to date and we have not had one failure!
KGB Kiteboarding fins have two secure molded in locating studs, with one center 1/4 20 threaded hole, all on the standard 3/4 inch centers. The KGB Fin uses single hole mount because on side impact, a fin mounted with one screw is more likely to spin rather than tip over and rip the screws into the board, or worse rip though the board. You can mount single hole fins by simply drilling a 1/4 inch hole in the middle of your two existing holes.
NOTE: Screws and Washers are not included with the fins. They are available at $0.95 per screw washer.

Our fins are tapped with threads 5/8 inch deep. For our single hole 1/4 20T fins we recommend allen socket screws using a 2 inch long allen wrench.

New Comrade Board for 2009!